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Women's Empowerment Foundation

Women’s Empowerment Foundation

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By engaging top thinkers from around the world specializing in the spiritual, social, economic, legal and political awakening of women, the WEF speaker series aspires to assist women in the rewiring of their worldviews and the fostering of a transition in women from places of disempowerment to agents of positive change.

If you are interested in participating in our upcoming documentary screenings, speakers’ list and community discussions, visit Upcoming Events >>

WEF recommends encouraging the best in women within your own circle by…

  • Hosting a documentary and film screenings in your home concerning the challenges and accomplishments of women around the world.
  • Serving as a professional or social mentor for a friend or neighbor.
  • Contributing to local women’s shelters, girls clubs or becoming a Big Sister.
  • Telling important women in your world how much they matter to you.

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