Yael Swerdlow


Yael portrait #1Yael Swerdlow is a social entrepreneur. She is the co-founder of the Women’s Empowerment Foundation, and sits on the boards of the International Visitors Council of Los Angeles and Shelters for Israel. Previously, Yael was co-Chair of the National Leadership Council of Games For Change, and on the board of the Hadassah Brandeis Institute for Gender Research.  Yael is the co-founder and CEO of F.8 Interactive, a video game company. Yael also serves as media literacy and advocacy educator for both the Museum of Tolerance’s Multicultural Leadership Project and the San Diego Anti-Defamation League’s Manhigim Institute.  She also is a member of the International Criminal Court Alliance.

Previously, Yael was the Director of Media Relations for the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles as well as the media specialist on the Consulate Speaker’s Bureau.  As a long time photojournalist, Yael has shot for United Press International, the Associated Press, and the Los Angeles Times, where she was a part of the Pulitzer Prize winning teams for the Los Angeles Riots in 1992 and the Northridge Earthquake of 1994.  In summer of 1994, Yael went to Somalia, Southern Sudan, and Rwanda for International Medical Corps, to document the reestablishing of the medical infrastructure in those war-torn countries.

Yael has a Bachelor of Political Science (International Relations) from UCLA and a Master of Public Diplomacy from USC.

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