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Women's Empowerment Foundation


From Seeking Suffrage to Living Liberty:
Discussions of Women’s Empowerment Past and Present


Did we do it? History of Feminism

Lecture Description:How are women (and men) defined – historically, culturally, economically, biologically, psychologically, socially, by academics, by advertisers, by the media and arts, by institutions, by suppression and oppression.

Faculty:Martha Wheelock, Harvard-Westlake School, Women’s Studies Teacher, Longtime Feminist/Activist


Definitions and Importance of Empowerment

Lecture Description:As feminist icon and author Simone de Beauvoir famously proclaimed: “I wasn’t born a woman, I became one!” Being a woman is the powerful tool we have to succeed in a man’s world, we need to become empowered by our unique role in society in order to use it.

Faculty:Illana Shoshan, Miss Israel of all Times, Co-Founder, Women’s Empowerment Foundation

Women and Media: Literacy and Advocacy

Lecture Description: Is mass media still a Man’s world, even with so many visible women in the news? Who are the decision makers that govern what we learn about our world? Lecture focuses on women’s positions of power in the media, and methods to advocate for more gender equal coverage.

Faculty: Yael Swerdlow, Co-Founder, Women’s Empowerment Foundation, Adjunct faculty – Museum of Tolerance, Anti Defamation League-San Diego


Attaining Agency: Knowing Your Rights – How to Make a Difference in the World

Lecture Description: Lecture focuses on women’s legal rights in all aspects, and how to advocate for change.

Faculty: Abby Leibman, Leibman and Associates, Co-Founder and former Executive Director – California Women’s Law Center.

Gender Equity vs. Popular Culture

Lecture Description: Women undergraduates have been heard saying that there is no longer gender inequity in Western society. But when we look closely at the landscape of our culture, we all know this is untrue. Just cruise by a nightclub in any city in America and what do you see? Skin tight mini skirts, sky-high stilettos and an amazing amount of cleavage and this is even in snowy weather or in the rain. But there’s more, these women are often on the arms of their male counterparts in full pants, scarves and jackets. So where is the equity?

Faculty: Dr. Kenya Davis-Hayes, Resident US Historian, California Baptist University.

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