Mission Statement


The Women’s Empowerment Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the United States dedicated to redefining the true egalitarian ideals of feminism as human rights essential to the survival of humanity in the 21st century.  The feminist revolution made great strides towards liberating women but in many ways the end result was women took upon themselves more responsibilities that effectively prevented them from truly achieving leadership positions in economic and political arenas.

Co-founded by Israeli-American activist Illana Shoshan and social entrepreneur Yael Swerdlow, WEF strives to promote the human rights of women and girls within the spirit of the principles of equality, liberty, safety, justice, integrity and freedom.

WEF currently works in the United States and Israel, with plans to expand globally.

WEF activities include:

  • Academic research
  • Creating innovative curriculum and textbooks essential to empower young leaders
  • Ongoing lecture series “Feminism:  Lost in Translation”
  • Documentary film screenings and panel discussions
  • Design of video games and social media




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