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In March I wrote a very optimistic post that from now on, every door is open to women and girls, even the Oval Office. Today I went back to that post and questioned my own optimism. It is just a little more than a month before the election. Against Hillary runs a man who six […]

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Closing the Gender Gap

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Global Tech Women: Rwanda

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Angelina Jolie on How Prosecutions Can Prevent Future Sexual Violence

<!– Start of guardian embedded video –> <!– To autoplay video, set ‘a=true’ in the following line of code–> <iframe src=”http://embedded-video.guardianapps.co.uk/?a=false&amp;u=/global-development/video/2014/jun/10/angelina-jolie-prosecutions-prevent-future-sexual-violence-in-conflict” frameborder=”0″ width=”460″ height=”397″></iframe> <!– End of guardian embedded video –>

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Discussing Violence Against Women Around the World

<iframe src=’http://player.theplatform.com/p/2E2eJC/EmbeddedOffSite?guid=n_mhp_9wom_140607′ height=’500′ width=’635′ scrolling=’no’ border=’no’ ></iframe>

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Pantene Ad wants Women to Stop Saying Sorry

Pantene Ad Wants Women to Stop Saying Sorry [VIDEO]

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The 30 Inspiring Young Women Shaping the Tech Industry

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The Girl that Stood Up for Education – Malala Yousafzai

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The Power of Vulnerability

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Book Recommendation- West with the Night about the First Woman to Fly Solo Across the Atlantic From East to West

West with the Night

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